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Agro Promina d.o.o. was established at the beginning of 2018. The long-standing commitment to the consolidation of family estates enables, on the one hand, the renovation of family estates as well as the introduction of agricultural production with a focus on the establishment of vineyards in Vedrovo polje, Bristovača and Bunarača in the village of Razvodje and, on the other hand, the participation in various EU support programs and EU funds. 
In March 2020, the first vineyard “Vineyard ANA“ was established in Vedrovo polje – Razvodje. Approximately 13,000 vines were planted on 2.1 hectare, including the white grapes Debit and Maraština as well as the red grapes Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, a small number of vines of Pošip and Chardonay as well as Shiraz and Crljenak (Zinfandel) varieties will be planted experimentally.
In the first half of 2021, two additional sites will be prepared for the planting of approximately 25–30,000 more vines at Bunarača and Bristovača in Razvodje.
Initial plans for the restoration and conversion of historic family houses into restaurants and hotel facilities have already been completed. The planning of a project for the construction of a winery in Razvodje has also been completed. This project has very good chances to be supported by EU funds.

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